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We are an investment and property development company based in Nigeria.

About Valuetrus group

valuetrus group is a Nigerian establishment whose operations currently span the real estate, finance, health and retail/e-commerce sectors of the economy. Registered in Nigeria, the flagship company valuetrus investment and property development company Nigeria limited is the core business of the organization with interest in the other sectors which form the bedrock for value creation managed by season professionals, unprecedented successful efforts has been recorded within a short period of time. Driven by passion for excellence and innovation, valuetrus continuously adapts and implement innovative strategies in other to surpass customers expectations. For this reason valuetrus maintains a continuous learning process at all stages which has resulted in quality service delivery. Our business is done with trust and value creation hence the slogan …”the signature of value and trust”.

... A SIGNATURE OF VALUE AND TRUST... We are available

“ We have the experience about the investment business ”.

To become a leading diversified investment company that creates new value, excite and delight our customers through innovative products and services.

“ We are committed to you ”.

To apply innovative strategies with high level of professionalism to exceed Customers’ expectation.

“ We are a happy people ”.

At Valuetrus group, our core value and tradition has always and will always be professionalism, trust, Innovation, Result Obsession and the right attitude.

“ We have 25 years experience about the consulting business ”.

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If you have any querry for related investment, then We are available for you.

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